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It was time for a new look and feel, as well as some reorganization to highlight particular topic areas. The blog is something that I work particularly hard at keeping current, given my hectic schedule. The resume section could almost be termed "humor" these days.

Since I dreamed this new layout up overnight and decided to slam it in, please bear with me as the content gets loaded and I bring each section online. Feedback is certainly welcomed. Thanks.

New and Updated

Photo Galleries are updated! - 4/22/2004

Blog has been updated - March 2004

Okay, the "Photos" section is up - but with just one photo, far from done. Baby steps. We'll get there.

I've added a "Projects section". Not much there yet, basically a list of what will soon be there.

I've added a "Links section" with various categories of sites I recommend or frequently visit. - Updated 12/26/03




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