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August 20, 2007

First Day of School 2007

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Today was quite a milestone for this Bartel family. All three kiddos - AJ, Max and Jesse are now in Elementary school. Fourth grade, third grade, and Kindergarten respectively. Wow. Time flies when you are having fun.

It is hard to believe I took 46 photos in about 20 minutes time, but for such an event - I suppose that is reasonable.

So enjoy the photos. The full set is here, and try the Slideshow.

Otherwise, as a slowly-becoming-a-not-necessarily-new Flickr user I continue to experiment more with the service.

I've uploaded this mornings photos as a set to my Flickr account. I'm actually posting this blog entry, to my blog, right out of the Flickr interface - not using my blog tools, but Flickr's.

The fact that I can do this is very, very slick. I'm not overly impressed with the coding however - so I made some very minor tweaks to the resulting post.

Still, Flickr seems to think of the right feature sets that users want- and when they do something - as with the conversion I went through - it seems to work, really, really well.

There seems to be more for me to experiment with, so I'll post further updates (and photos!).

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August 17, 2007

PowerPoint Rule

I've always been intimidated by PowerPoint. I'm just not good at organizing my thoughts and information in this particular medium. It is a bit frustrating. Fortunately I don't have to craft PowerPoint presentations often. When I do, I'm sure to ask peers to review ahead of time.

I came across this Guy Kawasaki blip on YouTube detailing his 10-20-30 rule for PowerPoint Presentations. He's addressing a specific circumstance - entrepreneurs pitching their business plans to Venture Capitalists - but the rule seems relevant generally as well.

See what you think...

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