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July 7, 2007

Try Not To Destroy A Girl Scout...

...the next time one comes to your door or you see them outside the supermarket and you don't want to order any Thin Mints. Why you won't want to is probably not their fault Let me explain.

Cool Mint Creme Double Stuff Oreos.

I know! They are really, really good.

I'm not sure how they showed up in the pantry at my house, but I saw them and instantly downed three. Mmmmm.... Cool Mint Creme Oreos. Wow. And Double Stuff on top of it! I could have eaten the bag.

Now, I've always liked the classic Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts. I've got to tell you, Oreo is going to eat into those Girl Scout profits with these genius cookies. Mmmm....

As far as I'm concerned the research and development folks at Nabisco hit this one out of the park.

Oddly enough, I can't seem to find anything about them online. is a squatted search site domain that Nabisco must be refusing to pay some obnoxious fee for.

Nabisco's Oreo World seems to be touting some new Oreo "Cakesters" - not sure I'm down with that. The outer, hard chocolate part of the Oreo is just fine. Replacing it with some puffy, cakey thing - hmm... not sure. Now, offering up a bright green, mint flavored filling - now that is a brilliant move.

Google search for mint oreos turns up a lot of mentions of dunking, dipping, and Dairy Queen Blizzards.

This post from Kevin Meltzerr implies that Cool Mint Creme Oreos have been around for over a year and I'm just now getting clued in!

Man I need to pay more attention at the grocery store from now on.

So go get some and try them. And whether you really, really like them, like I do, or not, make sure you still buy your Thin Mints this year from your Girl Scouts.

Their going to need the sales lift.

Posted by gcrgcr at July 7, 2007 12:23 AM


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