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July 30, 2007

The Guys

The Guys
Originally uploaded by gcrgcr
Okay, so this was Flickr upload test number one for me, as a new Flickr user.

First, and foremost, the photo material - the boys are in Cub Scouts, and every summer we get the chance to up to Camp Jack Nicol scout camp near Red Feather in northwest Colorado.

It is beautiful country and the boys really like the chance to camp out with their friends in the mountains.

As for Flickr and uploading photos. Once I downloaded the Flickr Upload tool - batch uploads are made very easy.

The annoying part of this is that Flickr considers your uploads and your photos you put in your account a "stream". The counter-intuitive part of this is that, when you upload your photos in what you believe to be chronological order - Flickr considers the "stream" to be running the opposite direction. That is, the last photo you upload, which is probably the last thing you did at that event or whatever, is the "first" photo from the Flickr perspective relative to that "stream" of photos.

So, I was very confused by this, and judging by the FAQ entries, I'm not the only one. While I get the Flickr system perspective on this, given the amount of noise from the user base, I would hope they'd address in some manner.

For example, there are batch organization tools available to edit your Flickr streams, but nothing that lets you reorder.

So word to the wise - when you drop your photos into the Flickr uploader, do so in the reverse order chronologically that you consider them to flow, so that the Flickr stream will be chronological. Clear as mud?

I've still got to post more photos, so will update on those experiences as well.


Posted by gcrgcr at July 30, 2007 9:47 AM


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