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May 10, 2007

Book Cover Art

A friend sent me a link to the web site for the book The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki the other day.

As I checked it out I saw that he ran what looks like a very successful cover design contest. His offer garnered 150 entries from around 70 people. What is really fun is checking them all out at his website.

Thinking of the possibilities for "the art of the start" - it is intriguing to look at all the different ideas and concepts the participants contributed. Many innovative ideas. It sure must have been hard to pick a winner. I do really like the design that won.

I've done my share of dabbling in graphic design over the years. Two things I've wanted to put on my amateur resume as a designer are a wine and/or beer label (I'll count that as one item) and a book cover.

I nearly got my chance at a book cover just this year - for my own father, which would have been extra cool. My dad has recently completed a book, his first, soon to be published by Xulon Press. It is titled "His Grace Is Enough".

Initially we thought is was a provide your own cover art situation - only later after we came up with my version, did we learn, they in fact provided art for the cover.

Here are the two versions:

Can you guess which is which? :) Now, I do really think they made the right choice. Notes on my version - I only had 48 hours end-to-end to get something churned out (we thought we had a deadline). We also incorporated a photo on the front of sentimental value to my Dad - Iguaca Falls in Paraguay, where he participated in a mission a few years ago. Their version is much more polished and professional, and more importantly probably more marketable. It doesn't incorporate the sentimental photo, but it does fit with their line of books they publish, so should fit in nicely on shelves at the book store.

I'm extremely proud of my Dad for his efforts. In one sense it seems like publishing a book is easier in today's day and age - but writing one that is publishable still remains a challenge that requires much skill and effort.

I've mentioned before my Dad has a Masters in Theology and I'm also very proud of his volunteerism - and of his book. I can't wait until it is out and I'll be posting on it immediately when it is.

So, I missed my first shot at a cover - but that's really a very minor deal. It was a fun, quick turn project, and good practice if nothing else. I'm sure another will come along someday. Maybe I'll write a book of my own to create the opportunity!

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