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April 18, 2007

Content IS King

Pete Blackshaw and his post yesterday on Ten Reasons Why I Should Stop Blogging hits the nail on the head with regard to blogging. Speaks right to my heart as someone who runs this part-time, personal blog effort (I actually started long before a crowded blogosphere existed).

Knowing that I have a hard enough time getting my gabillion thoughts out of my head for my personal posting - I have crazily enough considered doing a blog with more topical focus (where I would then presumably schedule the effort needed as tasks into my daily live).

My hinderences to this are are:

At the end of the day (cliche alert) - "Content is King". Don't know who said that, but, yep - I think they got it right.

UPDATES (yes, already)

1) Demonstrative of my above discussed laziness lives within this post itslef (genius at work?) - I failed to mention that I found Pete's entry by way of Matt Blumberg and Only Once. Matt's blog, by the way, in my opinion, stands strong against each of Pete's points and is quite a stellar example of a focused, well-maintained, compelling content-based blog. A great example of what a blogger should strive for.

2) Just out of curiosity, I checked to see if www.contentisking.com was available. Sadly, it is in use, and sadder still, look at it...

Ah, the irony of it all. Content IS king, and contentisking.com needs content!

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April 4, 2007

Intellectual Property on eBay

A friend and colleague of mine, Scott Galvin of X13, pinged me the other day and informed me he is selling some database creation code. Not so strange, but what struck me is how he's doing it - it is for sale on eBay.

Okay, I know this is 2007, and we are amidst a Web 2.0 revolution, and all, but this still seemed interesting to me.

I had never considered that someone might auction code, but according to Scott, Tucows once bought a calendaring startup for 250k on eBay. I suppose this is what gave him the idea.

So anyway, will be fun to watch the auction. So if you are just curious, or if you need a turn-key database creation and management system, you can see information about the code for sale and a link to the eBay auction at Scott's site - www.X13.com.

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