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October 31, 2006

Re: Your Brains

Several weeks ago this YouTube video passed by desk via email:

I don't even recall who sent it, but I of course clicked the link and watched the video. Two of my kids heard this coming from my office and came in to check it out. Well, they ended up staying and watching this over and over and over...

This past weekend, Max, my nearly seven-year old, asked about the "eat your brains song".

So, we went to track it down and buy it. Just so you know, you can't get this on iTunes. So, aside from this video version (which is kinda fun), you can puchase the song directly from the artist - Jonathan Coulton.


Here is his site - you can view the lyrics here, listen to the song, and purchase it direct from him for $1.

We've gotten much more than $1 worth out of it. Enjoy!

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