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July 6, 2006

Katrina Video

I can't believe it has been over 65 days since we went down to New Orleans on our Hurricane Katrina volunteer effort.

I received an email from someone yesterday who had read my blog entries and had additional questions on what to expect. Aside from a few things I thought of, I figured what better time to pull my photos together.

So, done rather quickly, here is a video slideshow. I could probably trim a bunch of photos and cut the time in half - you will see that the majority of these photos are piles of possesions and muck from homes and buildings. Still, I hope these somewhat redundant photos give you an idea of what we saw and did.

Also, no pot-shots on the music selections - I did this quickly!

I will edit this down as well - to improve viewing time and save bandwidth, but for now, enjoy cut number one!

If you haven't read the series of entries on this trip, you may want to do so, it will make some of the pictures more meaningful.

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