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June 14, 2004

Follow up on "LESS"

First, I'll follow up on the previous post. The "Less - This is what
customers really want". Not terribly impressed.

I'm not sure if in this high-media opportunity lifestyle I live in - that is getting email, news via internet, magazine subscriptions, multiple daily newspapers - that when I devote some time to read something I almost expect to harvest some great knowledge nugget from it.

So, maybe my bar is too high - but I did not get much from this. In general, paying attention to what your customer wants make sense - and the author does present a particular angle on it - give the customer "less" to worry about in using your product and service. Still, I was not bowled over. You?

On my mind today, this book recommendation by Brad Feld - Purple Runner. Brad is a fairly accomplished runner, having run now, several I think, marathons (something I'd like to do, but have not yet effectively put on the go-do list).

I'm a recreational runner and participate in fun 10k runs. This book seems interesting - but I got sticker shock when clicking through... used copies in good condition at Amazon, range from $69 to $89. Wow. For a paperback to be this high, it must be pretty rare - maybe limited production, and with the popularity of running as a sport, very popular. Aside from college textbooks, if I buy a copy of
Purple Runner it will probably be the most I've spent on a book. I'm not postulating that it is not worth it, just stating a fact.

What is the most money you've spent on a book - for personal gratification, not counding educational efforts?

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