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May 10, 2004

Mozilla Firefox - The Browser, Reloaded

Mozilla Firefox - The Browser, Reloaded

Got this from Derek the other day:

Tom -

Mozilla Firefox (formerly Firebird) - http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/

It's excellent for development and very stable.

I had used Firebird on my Linux machine previously, but I had no
idea there was a Windows version of the the latest "FireFox". It is
very very cool. Try it out!

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May 7, 2004

April's Most Abused Spam Subject Headlines

FrontBridge Technologies Exposes April's Most Abused Spam Subject Headlines

This was interesting to see today:

Top Ten Spam Headlines for April 2004

1. Here's the tech stock analysis I told you about
2. Your equity news update
3. Discover natural beauty care
4. Fill up on gas and pay nothing
5. Guaranteed offer ending
6. Get a refinancing quote in 60 seconds
7. Citibank security update
8. Free Dog Treats
9. Work with EBay
10. Take a moment to protect yourself

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May 3, 2004

Tavern Trove Search

Taven Trove Search

This was a pretty cool find. Give it a search, maybe your ancestors and relations have beer in their blood as well!

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