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March 4, 2004

Bill Gates' Web Site

Bill Gates' Web Site - Home Page
Gates has his own site. Who knew? I guess it makes sense, the leader of the computer geek free world, or not so free world I guess - Micro$oft - ought to have a web page. I just really wanted to think that he'd put up a personal "geek" page himself, but this just reeks of staff and marketing polish. Too bad. It would have been cool.

Still, the articles and such are probably "mostly" authored by Bill,
maybe just very carefully screened and gleaned by an army of marketing
militant protectors - ensuring that another "iLoo" incident doesn't
occur unexpectedly.

Dan Bricklin on
the other hand has a site too. Why is this relevant, well in a couple
ways. First, Dan is an old school geek from the same era as Bill. Dan
wrote (with a friend) Visicalc, one of the first successful computer
apps, and pretty much the first spreadsheet application. Okay, maybe
I'm not totally on the details, but hit his site up and read about it.
That's the other relevant part to Bill - Dan's site is purely his own,
clearly this is a personal geek effort. I like that. And his links
section is cool. It's actually how I learned Bill had a page...

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