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December 29, 2003

Christmas 2003 So sorry for

Christmas 2003

So sorry for the disappearance - we've been busy. In early December we ventured up into the high country - Joie's Uncle Dennis and Aunt Sherri live on a buncha land back up beyond Carter lake. Spent some time there then drove in the old Willy's trucks for 45 mintues or so into the higher country, not on real roads mind you - roughed out paths that have been driven on a bit. All in search of some family Christmas trees. I updated the photo gallery with the pics.

It was fun. The kids of course loved it - including Jesse. You can see
she finally crashed on the way down the mountain next to Grandpa Neil.
Bouncin' up and down, snoozin the whole way... too much!

Got home, late, but do you think those kids were going to sleep, much
less let us sleep, without decorating it that night? No way! It was fun and they did a great job. Awesome preparation for the holidays and
great family times.

Skip ahead to after Christmas, Sunday the 28th we awoke to find our car had been vandalized out in front of our property. Windows were smashed out - driver and rear. Bummer. Expensive. Kids no doubt. Turns out after talking to police, there were dozens. Newspaper this morning
reported 81 cars hit since Christmas Day. Some kids have gone a bit
overboard and will hopefully be caught.

Kids had a blast at Christmas. Looking forward to CSU playing Boston
College in the San Francisco Bowl. Kit and family will be up for what
is like the 8th CSU Bowl Game Chili Cookoff. A tradition we started
sometime around 1994 and the Sonny Lubick era brought bowl games as a
regularity to CSU alum and fans. Kit shall try again to dethrone the
chili king - me - but he'll enjoy second place... again... :)

More later...

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