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July 4, 2003

Vacation and Miscellanea I'll have

Vacation and Miscellanea

have to do a more detailed blog entry on vacation. In a nutshell here
is what happened. Left Longmont, CO to Billings, MT. No reason, just a
good place to stop after being on the road with three kids ages 5, 3,
and 1 for 6 hours. Next, on to Bozeman, MT, for a fun visit to the
Museum of the Rockies and Rosa's Pizza. Bozeman is a college town -
Montana State Bobcats. Bought a T-shirt. Jesse barfed in the Bozeman,
MT mall. What a claim to fame. She pooped too, but no one noticed that,
and well, that's pretty normal for her. Met up with Grandma and Granpa
in Missoula, MT, home of the U of M Grizzlies. Wrong day to wear my new
Montana State T-shirt. Always the underdog it seems. From there to
Sandpoint, ID. ID is Idaho by the way - it's probably a rare state
reference for most of you. Didn't see a single potato. I swear.
Sandpoint, sort of like a little Estes Park, CO. 50 miles north of
Coeur D'alene. CDA - sort of like a little Boulder, CO. The panoramic
photo above. The lake. Very cool. Fished there. Stayed 4 days. Had to
dive in to save Max's fishing pole. 9 ft deep, no biggie. Max was
happy. Water was good. Click the above panoramic for a large version
- it'll open in a new browser and then pan right. It's about oh 120,
maybe 150 degree view. Yeah, I know the dock at the far right gets
munged. I like my digital camera. Never used the panoramic setting
before. Basically it sucks. Thought it'd do the work for me. Maybe it
was operator error. Who knows? Last on the pic. When you view the
large, if Internet Explorer shrinks the image on you, just hold your
mouse still over the image and an icon will appear in the lower right
of the image - you can click that to force viewing at full size.
After ID, we hit Yellowstone on the way back. 2 Days. That's Wyoming
basically. Then Rock Springs, WY before getting home. Rock Springs -
what a bleak place. Even saw a dead Denny's. If Denny's can't make it,
well you've got issues.
Check this out - heard about the new McGriddles? I haven't tried it
yet. Have you? If not - here is a great review on them. Photos and great stats like:

FAT: 23 G.

Don't cha want one? They are ingenious
ya know... I may have to try one... sometime.
Back at work and high speed. Oh, got a new book on the trip. It's
strange, but it's fun to read about other's misfortune (or stupidity -
a lot of it). It's called Death in Yellowstone.
I'm maybe a third of the way through. Amazing. Maybe I'll read a happy
book next. Maybe this one get's happier toward the end. Maybe not. I've
been through Thermal Pool Deaths and Stupidity, Buffalo Deaths and
Stupidity, Eating Plants and Stupidity, Lightning and Stupidity,
Noxious Fumes and Stupidity... I'm 1/3rd the way through... WHAT ELSE
COULD THERE BE??? I'll report more later.
Well there is your update. Post more later.

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