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June 13, 2003

Heels??? Already? I knew when

Heels??? Already?

I knew when we had Jesse, well that this whole girl thing was going to be different. Check out my 14 month old, at left (click for larger image) happy as a clam (with her friend Renada - Jesse is the one on the right) in these high heeled shoes. Fun. Better put money in a shoes fund now, right along next to College Fund.

Jesse likes shoes. She puts on my shoes. She puts on Joie's shoes. She
wears the boys shoes. Heck, she probably already has more shoes than I do!!!
Yeesh. Plus, I can tell she likes money. She took my change - $2 - at
the store the other day as I was handed it by the clerk. She fondled
that money all the way home and, I'm not kidding, slept it with while she napped that afternoon.
This may be a bad sign. Well, maybe she'll just go into a lucrative
profession. Though, with high heels I hate to speculate. Lawyer sounds
Running in the Sunrise Stampede in Longmont tomorrow AM. Then am
getting a massage that Joie bought me later in the afternoon. I'll post
on what that experience is like. We are planning on seeing Finding Nemo
at the theatre as well. Should be a pretty good weekend.
We sold Assurance Systems, but still, it wasn't really a company unless
you had a tee-shirt. So, in ex post facto fashion, I made these up
after the fact for limited distribution.
Well there is your update. Post more later.

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June 6, 2003

Bolder Boulder Well, I did

Bolder Boulder

I did it. Successfully completed my first Bolder Boulder. As mentioned,
I've lived here for over 20 years and have never run it. It was a fun
race to run. Lots of interesting things to see along the course as a
runner. Very entertaining, and a fun race to run. Check out my finish
pic! (click it to see larger). I even ran about 30 seconds ahead of my
time for the Longmont Turkey Trot last November - that was my first
10k. So, all in all I was very pleased. Next is the Sunrise Stampede
10K in Longmont on the 14th. I'll post how it goes.
Joie and her folks are going out of town this weekend... the kids and I
will sit around, eat junk food, watch tv, and any/all other things that
are generally not allowed. Woo hoo!!!! :)
Well there is your update. Post more later.

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