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May 14, 2003

Whoa...Time Warp It's been way

Whoa...Time Warp

been way too long my blogger friends - life has been busy. Mostly
working on DistanceWeb since December has been taking my time. My
largest "contract" has been with Assurance Systems - another startup.
It's a great oppurtunity for me to use my email techie and permission
compliance backgrounds, as well as web graphic design.
Other things keeping me busy, let's see... oh, yeah those THREE kids we
have. AJ is like 5 goin on 23 now. I take him to school on Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday mornings. He has soccer practice on Friday nights
(there is a sign of parenthood, Friday night and I'm at the YMCA with
12 5year olds). Soccer games on Saturday. Max is 3 and a half going on
16. He participates in a "play group" now on Mondays and will start
preschool in the Fall. He sleeps like I did in college. Late to bed (9
to 10 PM for him) and late to rise (9 to 10 AM). Jesse, well she turned
one in April - she was walking by 11 months or so -- and if you ever
see that girl sit still anywhere (besides the supper table) for more
than 30 seconds, call a doctor!! She is in constand motion, wandering
our house, room to room, out to the back yard, back in - checking on
everyone and everything. She is a blur.
I've registered for the Bolder Boulder upcoming on Memorial day. Should
be fun. I've been training, but fairly modestly given my work hours. I
run ~6 miles each Saturday or Sunday and do a speed run (a fast 3
miles) during the week. As long as I finish, I'll be happy. I've lived
around Boulder since 1985 - I've watched people run the Bolder, but
have never participated. The 25th annual seemed like a good one to
start. I hear they are expecting 45,000 and pushing to get 60k
registered. Sheesh!
playing hockey. Well, not playing yet, but Wednesday afternoons going
over with Buster, George, Andy to skate at Boulder Valley Ice at
Superior. I've got new hockey skates that I used for the first time
today. Spectacular! For someone like me just picking things up (never
skated in my life) these make a tremendous difference from the rental
skates. A pair of CCM 552 hockey skates - what a great investment. Now
I need all the other junk, helmet, gloves, got a stick (thanks Andy),
pads etc... So far having a blast.
Well there is your update. Post more later.

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