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March 10, 2003

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs... Well,

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs...

Well, it definitely wasn't what I expected. Signs
starring Mel Gibson was a very suspenseful and entertaining movie. Even
frightening at times. Regarding the trailers for the movie, because of
the strong emphasis on the crop circles, I had always thought this film
would be some hokey mystery about that. Turns out, it's not a primary
element. There is some mystery surrounding an initial circle that shows
up in Mel's field, but after that, they sweep out of the spotlight.
Attention is turned to the cause of the circles.
"Signs", I had thought would be a play on what the circles were for.
Turns out the storywriter, screenwriters and producers had a different
play on words. "Signs" really is meaningful in this movie.
You can tell as I dance around this, I don't want to spoil it for
anyone. Ah, whatever... I'm a movie slowpoke. This is old news. Mel
Gibson plays Graham Hess - a "former" preacher, whose wife is killed in
a tragic car accident. The devastation to Graham and his family is such
that he loses his faith and quits the reverendship (if that is a word).
The fun part of this movie is how the "signs" finally start to come
together toward the end. The story line of "war of the worlds" and the
attack by the visitors is such that you forget a bit about the Graham
religion story line. End result, Graham gets his faith back - and with
good reason.
Seems like I just read that Mel Gibson funded a new non-denominational catholic or christian church.
One of the stories mentioned he is directing or producing a movie about
Jesus' last 12 hours on earth. I believe it is filming in Rome and is
in Latin and Aramaic. Not sure if that'll make it mainstream over here
in the ol' US of A, but we'll see. As for Signs, I recommend the movie
if you haven't seen it. Enjoy.
BTW - Comments are back... so I guess if you've seen signs, feel free to comment and give it away...

Later -


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March 4, 2003

Peep Stamina Just in case

Peep Stamina

in case you didn't know, March of 2003 marks the 50th anniversary for
marshmallow peeps. I am a peeps fan, as are my kids. Joie can't really
stand them. Dale loves em. I don't know that I'd pay money to join the
peep fan club, but i'll eat em no problem.

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March 1, 2003

Casa Bonita Happy Birthday AJ!!!

Casa Bonita

Happy Birthday AJ!!!

AJ turns 5
this Thursday, March 6th. Wow. That alone is pretty trippy for me. Sort
of a watershed birthday, that fifth one. I guess I'll ruminate on that
We had AJ's party with his friends down at Casa Bonita in Denver today.
Casa Bonita is a fun mexican restaurant that has been operating in
Denver (Lakewood) for almost 30 years. It's a surprisingly large
facility, known for cliff diving shows inside the building and all you
can eat meals - simply raise the flag at your table and more food is on
the way.
AJ and the kids had fun. It was a great place to have a party. Munch on
chips and salsa. Take a tour. Whack a pinata to death. Watch the cliff
diving show. Open presents. Eat burgers, fries, chicken fingers and
cake. Play in the arcade. It was a blast.
It was as much birthday as anyone would want, and no clean up for us!
BTW, AJ's HSP is also looking much better. His swelling in his knee and
elbow are all but gone and his rash continues to change to less
threating colors and fade. Keeping our fingers crossed, but medication
appears to be working.
That's it for now. Later. Tom.

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