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February 25, 2003

Henoch-Schonlein Purpura Go ahead... say

Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

Go ahead... say that three times fast...

is what AJ was just diagnosed with. Starts with a respiratory
infection, which he had. Then a rash appears. Not like chicken pox, or
anything else you can really classify.
Took him to the doctor, but they had never seen it. So on to the
hospital to draw blood and urine.
Wait, wait, and wait for lab results, of course incrementally fearing
the worst.
Apparently HSP is common in males aged 2 - 7 (females too, but just
more common in males) and tends to occur following a respiratory
infection, as mentioned.
He's on a steroid now, and being lavished with comic books and other
items... his spirits are high. The steroid contains a pain killer. That
helps I'm sure.
That's it for now. Later. Tom.

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February 3, 2003

You say tadpole... I say

You say tadpole... I say polliwog...

Max turned three this past December, Grandpa Neil and Grandma Dale
bought him some tadpoles.
A great little ecosystem aquarium with two tadpoles, some shallow
water, and some higher "rock like" grounds and "vegietation" for the
frogs that they will become to hop around. I "quote" the "rock" and
"vegetation" because the entire thing is made of plastic. It is very
cool - I wish I had one, and of course Max was thrilled.
He named his tadpoles, Grandma and Granpa - aptly enough.
Well, Max (and an equally obsessed Joie) have been religiously feeding
(we keep a block of blood worms in our freezer - yum!) these fellas and
patiently awaiting legs to sprout and hopping to ensue.
As of yet, nothing. Maybe some bumps appearing back in the hip/leg
area. Things are going slow but well till now.
Till now. Problem.
Grandma died.
Fortunately this is not referring to Grandma Dale, but rather to
Grandma Tadpole. I got to preside over services by the toilet, which I
guess as a father of three, is yet another milestone I eventually had
to reach. Consider it done. Grandma is in the big happy tadpole party
in the sky, and Max, well - he's okay with that... so long as we go to
the store tomorrow and get a Grandma replacement. With Grandpaa - the
real Grandpa that is... they will do just that.
That's it for now. Later. Tom.

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February 2, 2003

Gave Blood I wasn't planning

Gave Blood

wasn't planning on it... but when I was at church getting AJ out of
Sunday School, I ran into Dave. Dave is one of the guys I play hoops
with on Wednesday nights and he convinced me to give blood.
Blood - medical stuff, it's always made me a bit squeamish... maybe
just the sight of a lot of blood, or say a bag of blood - which is the
end result of giving blood. Still, it seemed like a good idea. Joie
gives blood. When Kit was sick, both times, he had to get a lot of
blood. I guess since my life is better with him around, I owe the blood
supply some contributions.
Not too tough. Fill out a questionairre. Prick your finger. Take your
blood pressure. Mark your vein. Poke you w/ a needle (doesn't hurt).
Sit and drain some blood into a bag. Eat some cookes and snacks. Drink
AJ hung out with me too... So, if I can do it, anyone can. Give blood!
It helps someone somewhere for sure...
Later. Tom.

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