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January 7, 2003

Haircuts... Since the beginning of


the beginning of time, or their lives, the boys have had "buzz cuts".
They like em. I started buzzing my hair mostly because we started
buzzing theirs. Then, this winter AJ and Max decided to grow their hair
out. Okay, Joie decided they would...
Still this created a different problem. Actually having to know how to
cut hair, or to remember to transport the boys to a barbershop in a
reasonable amount of time. Suffice it to say, I mistook Max for a sheep
dog on several occassions. So finally Joie brings the fellas to her
stylist who happily clips them up into fine upstanding young boys. That
was just Saturday.
Then today, Joie called AJ to lunch and notice "hair clippings" on his
shoulders etc... the short interrogation that followed revealed - okay
AJ blissfully reported, that he had cut his hair - just touching up a
bit. Well - he thinks it looks good, and that's really all that matters... right?

Parenting provides good, if nothing but simple, humor. God love em. :)

Later. Tom.

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