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December 19, 2002

Know your RealAge RealAge is

Know your RealAge

is a dot.com site that has seemed to survive the dot.com bubble burst.
I'm not sure how they make their money, but they have an interesting,
and free (as far as I know) service. Basically, you fill out a profile
(they have a short and extended) detailing your exercise and eating
habits, as well as other profile information. In short, while I may
physically be, say 31 years old, like I am, my calculated "real" age,
based upon exercise and lifestyle may be 26 or 46. Whether your "real
age" is higher or lower than your age, the site provides suggestion for
ways you in particular can decrease your "real age".
An example - smoking is bad for your "real age". Smokers probably
almost always have a "real age" greater than their age. I didn't check
that, but I'm guessing. When I did my profile it actually suggested I
drink more alcohol! :) I don't imbibe in the adult beverages much, but
research has shown one glass of wine on some frequency (I don't
remember) is actually good for you.
Here is an example that came in an email newsletter I receive each day:
It takes only three weeks of healthy habits to lower your risk for disease.

In a recent study, people who adopted a low-fat, high-fiber diet
and added exercise to their day experienced dramatic improvements in
their disease risk after only three weeks. Not only did their blood
pressure readings go down, but also their cholesterol levels improved,
despite the fact that they lost little or no weight during the three

RealAge Benefit: Keeping your blood pressure at 115/76 mm Hg can make your RealAge as much as 12 years younger.

Bottom line here... any exercise is good for you. Period. I like the information, check it out...

Later. Tom.

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December 17, 2002

Catchin' some flak... Okay, I've

Catchin' some flak...

Okay, I've been a non-blogger for way too long... thanks for the hint there Tim!

These kids are growing way too fast...
This photo was taken this past Sunday, after AJ and Emily's Christmas
program at our church. AJ and Max of course are the Bartel's in this
photo... Emily and Rachel represent the Green's -- the Scott and Cindy
Greens hailing from various resort locations in Iowa, USA. I swear
Rachel and Max were just born 6 months ago. By the way... click the
image to see a larger one.
This photo after the program took Joie and I by surprise... all kids
have great smiles and that is cool - but the maturity in the faces of
Emily and AJ in particular... strikes a chord with you as a parent.
Parenthood is alltogether fastpaced, challenging, trying at times, but
the ultimate joy with the greatest rewards. These kids are just plain
For the red-blooded all-american or non-american, but testosterone
controlled male gender types out there, especially the computer geek
types, check out DesktopGirls. I don't
recommend this as a productivity enhancement. While I am happy to spend
more time in front of my screen now, somehow I'm less productive. Go
Other interesting things... close to signing a contract as a vendor for DoubleClick. I've been looking at other opportunities as well, so hopefully things will work out. DistanceWeb will be my new company that services the DoubleClick account.

Sent out the 2002 Bartel Family Holiday Email Card
yesterday. After I got Tim's via email last Friday or so, I had to
spring into action... Thanks AGAIN Tim... :) Check it out... the best
ideas come in a flash.. the trick is getting it out in time. I'm pretty
happy with the result this year. Now what to do next year?
That's it for now... Later. Tom

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