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November 26, 2002

Pepsi Center No, I did

Pepsi Center

No, I did not take this photo. And, it didn't look like that where I sat... but I was
in fact there! Yes, along with friend Dandeeno, I attended my first
ever hockey game at the relatively new PepsiCenter here in Denver,
Colorado. Wow. You all are thrilled for me, I can tell.
Even though we sat in the "nosebleed" section, the view was great. It
must work out better for hockey than hoops... I don't think we'd have
enjoyed a basketball game from there, but the hockey game was great.
Note to folks who haven't attended a professional hockey game: Wear
your coat indoors. I lucked out... Dan left his in the car. Sitting in
the arena watching the game is sort of like sitting in your
refrigerator at home watching hockey on TV. For a more authentic
experience, do that.
During "breaks" in play, there were lots of entertaining bits and
scoreboard antics. A 'chubby' fellolw was really boogie-ing out during
upbeat music sets - that caught alot of laughs. They have a thing
called "Kissing Cam" on the scoreboard. Sort of a lovey looking
red/hearts frame and then cameras focus in on couples in the audience.
You get put on kissing cam, you'd better kiss! It was obvious when the
longtime couples were sighted, they would not hesitate to kiss. Then,
awkward moments were created when strangers or maybe folks on a first
or friendly date were framed... "nope... not gonna kiss" their
uncomfortable smiles said loud and clear. The finish was great as the
camera focused in on two Chicago Blackhawks players. Pucker up boys!

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November 10, 2002

Turkey Trottin' Well, I did

Turkey Trottin'

I did the 2002 Longmont Turkey Trot yesterday... my first 10K race
ever! I have run 10k's in training, on the treadmill, etc... but never
in an actual race, so I finally decided to take the plunge. Back in
college when I ran some, I only did 5k races, so this was sort of a big
goal -- since I've gotten back into running over the past few years, it
was nice to have it culminate into something.
You can click the image to see the results. I'm pretty happy, overall.
Of course the goal was to simply finish. Beyond that I wanted to run at
least around 48 minutes or so, so mission accomplished. I really
struggled in the middle miles... we ran on some dirt roads into a stiff
breeze, so that didn't help. I felt good in miles 5 and6 though. It's
all good... now I know where I'd like to improve for my next race!

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November 8, 2002

Back in Time to Back

Back in Time to Back To the Future...

or something like that. Hey, I was born in 1971, November 1st. I grew
up in the 70's (bell-bottoms in 1st grade - *thanks* mom!) and 80's
(argyle sweaters??? ugh!)... There haven't been many movies as
appealing and entertaining as any in the Back to the Future series.
It's not common for any film these days to have a successful sequel,
much less a third successful follow up. Lethal Weapon did well with
two, and even three, but the wheels fell off that train by the fourth
I'm putting this on my Christmas list... Dad? Mom? Anyone? Pick this
up, it's a great buy! :)

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