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October 28, 2002

Open Source Web Now, as

Open Source Web

as a web site designer, I commonly surf the web for ideas... certainly
when working on projects for customers, we research the "competition"
in an attempt to not only be different, but try to outclass them as
well. Pirated-sites.com
shows that this can go to the extreme... it's amazing how people can
rip a site off and expect to get away with it. Also amazing is that
alot of these sites would take design skill and talent to "mock", so
why not design fresh from the get go? Oh well, until someone pirates
tombartel.com (not likely...) I'll just view this site from time to
time and laugh at the copy cats...

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October 14, 2002

Gone Fishin' Well, October 13th

Gone Fishin'

October 13th yesterday and we managed to get one last fishing excursion
in. The boys and I went with Joie's Uncle Mark out to the ponds in
Longmont. A gorgeous day, and as the lakes are private, we were the
only ones there to pull these poor fish out of the water. I'd say in
about 2 hours we each pulled 6-7 fish out. AJ and Max caught some
massive Crappie (funny looking I know, but for the non-fisher types out
there it's pronounced CROP - EE). We also pulled out some small mouth
bass, perch, blue gill, and "wipers" -- a cross between a white bass
and stripped bass - they are fighters and really are a fun catch.
Although AJ and Max like to examine each fish thoroughly upon landing
them, and touch their eyeballs, etc... -- we are strictly catch and
release... not sure if the boys are ready for cleaning fish yet...
we'll get there though!
Oh well, one last run was good, now here comes winter!

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October 11, 2002

Essential Blogging Okay well, so

Essential Blogging

well, so even though I haven't blogged much in October, okay not at
all, check out this... O'Reilly, one of the most respected tech
publishers has come out wiht Essential Blogging. Blogs have truly hit
the big time now! This is one book that I have to get just to have...
and I will enjoy every minute. Maybe if O'Reilly comes out with a Tivo
book I can die and go to heaven...
Updates... October 7th was Joie and I's 7th anniversary... woohoo! :)
We haven't celebrated yet... with 3 kids, this is difficult, so we've
made special plans for in November... our kids are our life and they
are the greatest testiment to our marriage: I am a very very lucky
person to have them all and probably don't deserve them, but I'll keep
doing my best.
Mom and Mom-in-law both have birthday's this month, and I'll hit the
big 31 on the first of November. Pushing 40! :)
The CSU/Wyoming Border War resumes tomorrow - the 94th meeting of the
Rams and Cowboys takes place in Ft. Collins. Joie and I are taking AJ
and will meet up with friends Kit and Edda (and kids?) to tailgate...
Kit's got a new Dodge Dakota that he's (appropriately) pretty proud of,
and apparently trucks were made for tailgating, so that's what we'll

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