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September 27, 2002

Viva IOWA! Iowa has been

Viva IOWA!

Iowa has been
fun so far... travel with all three kids was remarkably uneventful.
Well, we stopped 3 times in the first 45 minutes, getting maybe 50
miles from home vor various "potty" breaks, but from there on out, it
was a breeze. We stop and stay in York, NE, about the halfway point to
Ft.Madison/Denmark, Iowa.
We spent today loading bails of hay, okay, I was doing most of the
loading, but that's okay. AJ and Max helped and AJ found a kitten a
mama cat stowed away in these bails... pretty cool! Probably only a few
days, maybe a week old? I'm not too good with cat ages.
The boys worked hard today, helping Grandpa and I run the tractor
around, loading the hay, various other chores on the farm here. They
are tired but having fun.
I should mention, AJ has started soccer! It's pretty non-competitive
for 4-5 year olds, though they do have teams and play against
eachother. There is no scoring in games. Four quarters of seven minutes
each are played. AJ has had two practices and a game now. He is having
a blast. I liken his performance so far to the equivalent of mouthing
the words in the choir. He's always around the ball, active, jostling,
bopping, ducking and diving... he just needs to kick the darn thing
now! Actually he got his foot into it twice in his game and has done
great in practice and he is having a BLAST, so mission accomplished.
BTW, before first practice when we brought home his cleats and chin
pads, he put them on and probably wore them for several hours before
being denied the opportunity to bathe and sleep in them. Yes, he is
Back to present tense, we will baptize Jesse on Sunday, here in
Denmark, IA at the congregational church where we baptized both AJ and
Max, and where Joie was baptized, and her Dad, and his Mom, and so on,
back six generations or more...
Jesse is 5 days shy of 6 months, and two days ago when we stopped to
dine on lunch at Burger King in North Platte, Nebraska, she "learned"
how to sit up on her own. Learning is an uderstatement, she simply did
it for the first time and has not stopped since. Dag nabit these kids
grow fast!

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September 2, 2002

RAMS WIN Well, I'll try


I'll try to keep it simple... CSU beat CU for the 3rd time in 4 years.
Nevermind that CU still owns the series 54-18-2 or some such thing...
most of those games happened before I was born! Be sure to check out
the Rocky Mountain News' Drew Litton - a great sports cartoonist - and his take the day after. Every year CSU wins, I get another classic for my refrigerator at home/cubicle at work! :)

Since I write RamSpam I'm going to limit my commentary here, but you can read my first edition from Friday before the game.


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