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August 28, 2002

Not So Fast Sonny Cool.

Not So Fast Sonny

Cool. Got my copy of CSU Head Coach Sonny Lubick's book... Not So Fast Sonny
No, I haven't read it yet, just skimmed it... also, I have attended
enough "Lubick Luncheon's" and what not to anecdotally pick up a lot
about Sonny.
Buffalo fans in the state are about the only ones that rail against
Sonny, probably because of their CU loyalty... aside from that tainted
view, Sonny is a tremendous person with a lot of character. He's done
alot for the community of Fort Collins and the State of Colorado and
Colorado State University through the rebuilding of the football
program. More importantly, he's helped build men of character and
graduated them through football and university on into life.
I look forward to reading the book and reading more about a great role

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August 26, 2002

Papa Renwick! Jim's a Daddy!

Papa Renwick!

Jim's a Daddy! Congratulations to my friend Jim and his wife Yuki on their first child - Shota Michael Renwick:

Born: Wednesday 8/21/2002
Gender: Boy
Weight: 6 lbs., 4 oz.
Length: 19 inches

Jim reports that Shota's docs give him a clean bill of health, and Mom is doing great as well. Congratulations!


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August 17, 2002

Intuos - The professional tablet

Intuos - The professional tablet system

Cool tool. I got a Wacom tablet system today... pretty cool. If you don't know what it is, then check out the site.

it's an input system for your computer that allows you to use a "pen"
or "stylus" so you can "write" and "draw" better. It's great for
graphic work. Here is my first test image in Photoshop, just goofin
around. Click it to see it larger.
This week at DCLK has been busy. Tons of last minute migration work
going on. Projects were forced because our co-location contract ran out
and no one noticed. To avoid the very expensive auto-renew, numerous
servers had to be moved and some are staying off. Therefore many client
apps / web pages / etc... needed conversion / storage in new places.
All I can say is UGH. Glad it's over.

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August 4, 2002

More FormerMMers are born...Well, the

More FormerMMers are born...Well,
the slide continues... Jen Hausman and Josh Galloway officially became
formerMMers on July 31. There are not many of us left... Brad P., Bob
A., Clinton B., Pat H., Pam R., Eric G., Lee L., Mark K., Dave K., Matt
C., Craig M., Harry P., Juliet B., Mimi H., Francis K., David K., Bryan
D., Lucinda N., Michelle P., ... that's all I can remember now. Also
notable is that with Lisa D., having departed in January, and now with
Josh gone... Losh Gallovan has now left the building in all parts. Losh
hails from the former Repulick States of the Slobaknian Czechtenstein.
One of the only photos ever of Losh is seen here. Bummer. Did make it
to the Boulder County Fair parade yesterday with the boys. It was long...
- since it's an election year, numerous politicians (their supporters)
also marched... I guess the parade was 40% larger due to this (and
longer). Yuck. Didn't get to go see lisapotumus run her dogs at the
fair... hopefully she did well! (and Brooke and Plaide).
I'm running way behind on several web projects... however the next
phases on some of them are really interesting work. Hopefully this
Dandeeno and I entered the Doubleclick "Summer Coding Carnival" - a
programming contest for worldwide DCLK employees. There is a two hour
conference call on Thursday to explain the problem that needs solved.
Should be interesting.
I ordered Cable Modem service from AT&T today... they are
installing on the 13th. Cross your fingers (mine are). This is a major
breakthrough, especially for where I live (a 30 year old neighborhood
in Longmont).

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