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July 31, 2002

Super Tivo Well, I finally

Super Tivo

Well, I finally "superTivo"'d my Tivo... what's this mean? Well, my Sony SAT T60 Receiver
is a dual tuner receiver... what this means is it is capable of
recording not only one, but TWO different channels AT THE SAME TIME.
Unfortunately with the setup in my house I had to purchase a special
splitter to create an additional input, so we've been living with only
one tuner Tivo for months... but now... boy, we have Super Tivo! If
Joie needs to watch live or record some foofy girl show, I can still
watch live/record something else... or Tivo two live thing at once and
watch a previously Tivo'd show... For those of you without Tivo, this
seems strange... but Tivo is very cool and will change your TV viewing
life... it doesn't help you watch more TV, just the TV you want to see
when you have time...

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July 2, 2002

DoubleClick Offices So, as of

DoubleClick Offices

as of Monday we are now working at the Doubleclick Denver Data Center
in Thornton. The MessageMedia days are truly over as we have moved out
of our Louisville office, where we spent18 months? I'll try and get a
snapshot of this building up here... it's pretty nice, and it's a
fantastic data center.
It has been really HOT here lately,
but looks like a little relief is on the way.
Jesse Dale is doing well, she's sleeping most nights through until
5-5:30 AM, so we are pretty happy with that. AJ and Max are growing
terribly fast. Max is catching AJ in the blabbing a mile-a-minute
Former MessageMedia Director of Interactive Marketing turned World Traveler, Scott McDaniel has a fantastic new website up... traveljunkie.org.
Be sure to check it out, the programming still has a few bugs, but
Scott seems to have the site about ready to go... I think it's stellar.
Great work Scott!

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