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June 21, 2002

World Cup - Germany 1,

World Cup - Germany 1, United States 0

were robbed! Should've had a penalty kick awarded... would have been a
decent chance to tie the game up. Still it was the best WC showing for
USA in 72 years and clearly we have the better fans... as seen in this
photo. :) Click for larger image.

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June 19, 2002

just like work Michelle sent

just like work

sent this last week... it's unfortunately fitting for our work
environment the past few months... click on it to see it larger.
The fires in Colorado are a big deal,
however for many of us who live north of Denver, they are no threat and
not even visible... although, the amount of smoke and distance it's
travelled is amazing. When I left work in Louisville the other day, it
was literally like standing around a campfire...
I got a Carolina Hurricanes shirt
in the mail last week... just in time for Detroit to rap up the Stanley
Cup in 5 games against them. It's always good to root for an underdog.
I especially liked the Hurricanes shirt for sale that says "Old Time Hockey - est. 1997".


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June 14, 2002

ldonovan.com:blog So I was harrasing

So I was harrasing my friend eldi100 about her "stale" blog - hadn't
been updated since 6/3/2002. Turns out, mine hadn't been updated since
6/4/2002. Better, but not by much. Here is a not so interesting thread
on the matter:

guess I'll consider taking a poll for whose life is less interesting.
Then again, you're reading this... so maybe you are in the running?
I'll blog something more interesting later...

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June 4, 2002

Tim Hortons This is a

Tim Hortons

This is a
good Canadian thing. Think the Starbucks of the north, but older.
Actually think the Dunkin Donuts or Winchells of the north. Josh
suggested a Boston Creme donut, which I had. Very good. Only about 68
grams of fat and 750 calories. Next I need a "medium double-double"...
which I'm told is coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars. I'll try that

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FlyDenver.Com So the last time I

FlyDenver.ComSo the
last time I came to Toronto, in February, I got up at some ridiculously
early time to leave my Longmont home and catch my 8:30 AM International
flight. Seriously, I was in line long before they wanted to deal with
anyone for that flight. Brad showed up safely (my traveling co-worker)
*hours* after I had been there.
So this time, I was not to be so liberal. I barely made it.
Turns out they instilled a new 1 hour check-in policy. You must be
"checked-in" at the ticketing counters one full hour prior to your
flight's departure time.
Since I walked up about 5 minutes inside an hour (though now I realize
my watch is slow and it may have been more like 15 minutes over), the
checkin woman did not want to check me in.
I was offered a 9:15 am flight through Chicago (bear in mind it is
about 7:43 AM for an 8:30 departure at this time) or an 11:50 AM direct
to Toronto.
I think the fact that I stared, unable to respond, for a solid minute
freaked her out a bit.
Finally she relented a bit, issued me an itinerary that would get me
through security, and let me "go for it".
Alright, here we go... and as we emerge around the corner, we see... the security line.
Since I was not able to check my bag, I now have two carry-on bags, and
therefore do not qualify for the "express" lane. Dang.
Also they look like they are checking for "boarding passes" before you
proceed to be screened. I don't have one of those, just a similar shape
and color type ticket itinerary that basically has the flight number
and meal information.
Fortunately it does have a seat number on it and they let me through.
Reading the rules on the big board I realize that I also have an
"illegal" razor in my toiletry bag... one that would normally be fine
for checked bags, but now I'm carrying on. What to do? Let them catch
it? Face public shame and ridicule? Open my bags now and fetch it and
throw it away?
Well, x-ray eyes on the x-ray machine missed it or didn't consider it a
threat... so another inhibitor avoided.
Okay, no one else stopped me, this time, like last time, to x-ray my
shoes (Skechers) or pat me down or anything.
So, now on to the trains. Finally one arrives and precious seconds
continue to tick away as I'm unable to do anything but patiently work
toward my gate: B46.
As I approach the terminal, I jog the final 100 feet.
"Did you check in?" they ask? No I tell them, I came straight here.
"You should have been on the plane 5 minutes ago" they tell me.
Can I get on now, I ask? After a final, at the gate, security search of
both my bags (no they missed the razor/shaver also), wanding my shoes
after I have to remove them and put them back on... I am on the plane.
And here I am in Toronto.
I love the airport.
Yes, my life is boring. But you just read this didn't you? What's that
say about you?
I'll try to add some Canada updates as they occur. But remember, it is

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