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May 31, 2002

Toronto Canada Well, I'm off

Toronto Canada

Well, I'm
off to Toronto, Canada again on Monday. I'll be gone 3 days and 2
nights on a business trip for DoubleClick. Brad is coming along and
will stay for the week. Little by little I'm learning to be a Canadian.

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ESPN.com - NHL Playoffs 2002

ESPN.com - NHL Playoffs 2002 - Colorado Avalanche vs. Detroit Red Wings

Simply put... GAME ON. Go Avs!

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May 28, 2002

Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx Sports

Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

Sports Illustrated itself takes a look into the spooky cover shot jinx
that has plagued numerous teams and athletes through decades. In a
nutshell, many athletes and teams have floundered and failed miserabley
after appearing on the cover of SI. Typically appearing on the cover is
reflective of stellar performances up to that point, so the jinx seems
to take those who are flying high and instantly ground them.
SI's Alexander Wolff wrote this weeks cover story looking into the
jinx. Seems their research has found 913 "jinxes" in all 2,456 covers.
Maybe they take requests? I'd like to see the Detriot Red Wings and the
New Jersey Nets on the next cover please? Thanks!
Speaking of which, the Av's
take a huge OT win from Detriot yesterday to go up 3-2 in the series.
And the Celtics lose at home to the newly hated New Jersey Nets 92-90. Oh, and for humour today, check out this Conan O'Brien feature on the "diehard fans" who camp out for Star Wars movie openings...

This is a crack up.


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May 21, 2002

Avs Win! Series tied 1-1!

Avs Win! Series tied 1-1!

Even though
this was just Game 2, it really was do or die for the Avs. Coming back
to Colorado down 0-2 against the Detroit 2002 Hall of Fame Tour would
have likely meant this one was over.
Despite two serious Patrick Roy miscues, the Avs hung tough and earned
an overtime victory 4-3 in Detroit.
You can read about it yourself
- the full recap that is, but Roy has made a habit of wandering out of
net during the past few playoffs. He tends to get burned more than he
makes a play. Oh well - 4 cups and a lock Hall of Famer - maybe the
greatest goalie ever, and a laundry list of records and accomplishments
-- I suppose you can do whatever you want... up till your team take
issue with it and it truly affects the team.
Last night was close to that, and Roy was definitely bailed out by
Chris Drury, who knocked in the 6th playoff goal vs. Detroit of his
career - 4 of them now game winners!
Huge win - great game. See you in Denver Wings!

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May 20, 2002

subterrane.com - lorem ipsum This

subterrane.com - lorem ipsum

This may not make sense to many of my non-geeky friends, and my non-graphic-designy friends, but this is a very
cool tool!
Basically, there are times when you need to drop text into a graphic as
an example, and this "fake greek" text is typically used by graphic
artists. This "greek" generator is a handy time saver.

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year marks the first time the Celtics are in the playoffs since
'92-'93. Toward the end of the regular season there was a time when it
seemed like they might fade... but they ground it out and secured the
#3 seed in the east. Now they are in the Eastern Conference finals vs.
the number 1 seed (and their Atlantic Division rivals) the New Jersey Nets.
I actually used to like the Nets... it's easy to root for an
underdog... these guys had never played in an Eastern Conference final
game in franchise history until yesterday. This is a team that in the
25 years prior to this won just under 40%
of all their games, and had just 7 winning seasons in 25 tries. This
years success makes it 8 in 26. But, how can you not like Jason Kidd
and his story? After watching the playoffs, I'd say he easily was more
valuable to his team than Tim Duncan -- and should have won league MVP.
I also like Keith Van Horn a WAC/Mountain West product from hoops
factory Utah. Throw in rookie Richard Jefferson from Arizona (I wish
he'd had stayed with the Cats) who is an exciting leaper and looks to
have a promising NBA game. But you know what? After yesterday's loss
104-97 to the Nets I can now say I don't like 'em at all.
And those refs! Can we get a call in the paint? Cahn we get a cahl?
It's a pretty weak tactic to try and blame a loss on refereeing, so I
won't -- totally. I'll just say that the Nets got the edge... the refs
let a physical game get played but the whistles didn't come when the
C's needed them most, usually getting mugged in the paint. To further
exacerbate the situation, the C's shot very poorly at the line when
they did get there. *And* they were terrible on the glass, especially
offensively. And where was the defense? Sheesh. No defense sure helps
NJ scorch the nets and shoot 49.4% from the field
for the game. Ouch. The C's managed just 41%, and that looks high to me
based on my impression of the game. The nets were 25-28 from the free
throw line and the C's were 19-29. There is your game. Even with the
poor rebounding, shooting and defense, make your shots and you could've
stolen this one in Jersey. Well... it was a similar type of game as the
series opening loss in Detroit. Hopefully the C's will figure out how
to make their shots and play defense. And for the Nets, I can't imagine
they can keep up the blistering shooting percentage. Detriot couldn't.
If they can and we lose, good luck in LA. But you have to go through
Boston. Let's get em Tuesday. Go Celts!
Oh, why do I like the C's - I have to... I was born here.


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May 14, 2002

Society Against Frivolous Email This

Society Against Frivolous Email

This is an old classic. An email thread at work reminded me of this Dilbert... originally appearing May 5, 1995.

Ever feel like you get emails like this way too much? I think the worst ones are replies to all that say "Thanks." Uggh.

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May 13, 2002

the "new" hp - yeesh....

the "new" hp - yeesh....

here is closure on the HP support issue. The good guys lost. I still
can't believe I received no help whatsoever. Anyway, after receiving a
phone call from an HP support technician (on day 8 after being promised
a call within 6-7 business days), I had a good several minutes to plead
my case. It fell on deaf ears. Humorous as it seems, I was referred to
Carly Fiorina, the CEO, as the next person in the escalation path! :) I
think she's busy with the merger, but I will probably write the letter
as that's what I was told. Anyway, here is the email I fired back after
the phone conversation where I was told I was out of luck. BTW, email
support did respond to the below indicating it had been forwarded to
the appropriate people for review. Okay. Too late. I spent my $25. Now
we'll see if the product arrives on time. Note my revised HP Logo over
here ---->

just want to respond to indicate that I did receive a telephone call
from an HP support representative.
Although I'm sure this thread will simply be closed, and my opinion
will forever be archived away as meaningless, I wanted to indicate my
resolute dissatisfaction.
Despite what I believe to be a reasonable scenario where my recovery
cd's should be replaced, at HP's cost - not mine, due to HP's error -
not mine, the HP support representative has made the final decision to
deny this support.
I was told his name was Claudio Salazar.  While Mr. Salazar did
maintain a professional demeaner, his stance and final decision to not
support me is extremely disappointing.
As a Computer and Web Consultant I can not in good faith ever purchase
or recommend any HP product.  This is tremendously disappointing.  I'll
probably fix this HP Pavilion and sell it... or give it away.
Mr. Salazar provided me with Ms. Fiorina's physical mailing address as
an escalation path to further complain.  I will in fact probably take
the time to craft a letter, only because Mr. Salazar indicated that
this is an appropriate path.
Email support has been much better - and responsive, but unfortunately
unsatisfying if only because they seemed un-empowered to actually make
the call and help me.
Good luck in the future HP.  You now have $25 more of my hard earned
income.  I hope it helps.  Thanks.
Tom Bartel
> Hello Tom,
> > Thank you for contacting the new HP.
> > I understand that you resent the fact that you were not
called > within the mentioned time frame, to alleviate the issue of
the > recovery CDs.  That apart, you propose to have the current
recovery > kit exchanged with the right one for your system as well.
> > I understand perfectly the anxiety that you are going through
and I > appreciate the restraint and patience you have had.  Kindly
note, I have
> reviewed the status of the call due to you and have confirmed that
> you shall receive one quite shortly.  As for the exchange that you
> have proposed, I suggest that you could have a word over the same
> with the technician who speaks to you about this issue.
> > If you need further assistance, please reply to this message.
 You > may also find technical and troubleshooting information along
with > software updates, on our HP Customer Care Web site at:
> > http://www.hp.com/support/personal_computing
> Best regards,
> Jean
> Customer Solutions support agent for the new HP
> * Our advice is strictly limited to the question(s) asked and is
>   based on the information provided to us.  Problems and solutions
>   may depend on the nature of your system environment and various
>   other parameters that are unknown to HP; therefore, HP cannot
> assume  any responsibility or liability.  Please be advised that
> technical   information changes as new data becomes available,
> therefore, HP   recommends that you regularly check our Customer
> Care Web site for   possible updates at:
>   http://www.hp.com/go/support
>   HP shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special,
>  incidental   or consequential damages in connection with the use of
> this   information.


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May 1, 2002

Random Yahoo! Link Ahh... it's

Random Yahoo! Link

Ahh... it's
back... the Random Yahoo! link... this has provided me with plenty of
web surfing satisfaction through the years. It actually disappeared for
a while... It used to by on Yahoo!s Main Page but then it disappeared.

In fact, these dudes used to keep track of it, friend of Yahoo!s founders. Check out this Statistics for Yahoo! Random Link
page... it's from 1996, notice how they mention the tens of thousands
of sites in the Yahoo! database! HA! :) Internet history is hilarious
in ways... Anyway, the best way to enjoy the Yahoo Random Link
is to bookmark it, because once you enter it in your browsers location
bar and it redirects you, it's not really stored in your history (since
it never "lands" there). So visit my blog and click from here a few
times and try it out. Later! Tom

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