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April 30, 2002

HP Boycott??? I've not been

HP Boycott???

I've not been
well supported -- and no, that's not a jock-strap complaint...
The issue is basically this. A few years ago I bought an HP Pavilion
desktop PC. I got it from an online distributor. It was factory
refubished from HP and came packaged accordingly with software and OS
included. After the USB nightmare, it became clear I needed to
reestablish the OS on the machine. Using the Recovery disks included
with the Pavilion would theoretically allow me to replace the OS and
the basic disk image built specifically for this Pavilion and all its
internal circuitry. Theoretically....
is the key word... There is one broad assumption -- and that is that HP
included the "correct" Recovery disk in my package. They did not. The
Recovery Program starts and indicates it is wrong for that hardware.
HP's customer care site SELLS the correct disks for $25. Can I afford
it? Yes. Should I have to pay for it? Absolutely not. So, I'm like 12
days into email support He** and am two days into expecting a phone
call from escalated support, which they indicated would occur in 6-7
business days... Wow. Thanks Carly. Good luck with that merger /
lawsuit thingy. I'll blog the results of MY issue as I have updates...
Meanwhile I am laptop bound, and getting by, but not overly happy about
it. Later...

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April 22, 2002

Windows Family I'm >this close<

Windows Family

I'm >this close< to officially joining the anti-microsoft campaign....

I bought a new printer for digital photos. Its a spiffy Epson 785.
Anyhow, I've been running Windows 98 successfully on my main PC at home
for a while. Hadn't had any real issues until I tried to install the
software for the printer. The printer is a USB device - which is
supported by Win 98 (and I have several successfully usable USB devices
alread). During installation some hardware was automatically sensed and
installed. I was supposed to click cancel when that happened, but as I
was too slow reading the instructions, it was too late.
Thus the melee began. After that occured, I cound't even boot up
without hitting a "Windows Protect Error". Finally after researching
the fatal error in VXD usbhub (05) and realizing no one had an easy
fix, I re-installed 98 over my existing, to get the usb services reset.
This cause havoc with re-establishing all of my other devices (monitor,
vid card, other peripherals).
So, now I am sort of back to where I started, but the printer still
won't work.
I am reluctantly going to install Windows 2000 Professional... though
I'm liking Bill Gates less and less. The biggest thing I'm losing is
the time it will take to backup all my data, install the new OS clean,
and reinstall all apps. Even *then* my printer may or may not work.
Thanks Bill.

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April 19, 2002

TiVo! Thank goodness for Tivo!


goodness for Tivo! We are not really a TV family - in terms of
addiction. The boys are allowed to watch limited amounts of certain
things, like PBS Kids shows, usually in the morning or before bed. The
big screen was a purchase for the adults in the house, and primarily
for sports entertainment. We are big sports fans - College and Pro
football, Hoops, Hockey, Baseball, etc...
Tivo is a life saver for me... because I really enjoy viewing said
sports. I also have a family that would rather have me participate in
other activities with them rather than glue myself to the TV.
Take last night... the Avs started around 8 PM. That's right when I get
the fellas ready for bed ... baths... books... jammies... etc... So, I
can begin to watch the game, and hit pause as needed, occasionally
catching a moment or two when I pass back through the room... I can
also simply record the entire event... So around 9 PM, when the boys
have been put to bed, without being pressured or hurried, I set down
and begin to watch the game. In real time it is probably into the
second period, but for me it's early in the first. No problem, as I
have no idea what the score is - the drama is very much alive for me --
and this is the magic of Tivo.
After about 40 minutes of viewing, Jesse is up and ready to play and
eat a bit... so no problem... simply pause! Tivo is a life saver. I
finished viewing the Avs victory at about 11:15 PM. Probably about a
good 30 - 45 mins after the real game finished, if not more. Oh, AND I
got to fast forward through commercials! Talk about a bonus!!!

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April 17, 2002

The Official Site of the

The Official Site of the Boston Red Sox

am a Boston Red Sox fan. Maybe you didn't know that. I was actually
born in Massachusetts. Lowell, MA to be specific. I guess it's a
birthright of sorts. Having resided in Colorado since I was 8 years
old, I am of course a Colorado Rockies fan, from opening day of their
inaugural season in 1993. Funny, neither the BoSox or Rockies have done
much since then... though the BoSox have been in the playoffs.
Boston just took 3 of 4 from the Yankees, before beating Toronto (14-3
romp) today. It's good to see them on top of the standings anytime of
year, though it is pretty early. Also, 3 of 4 from the Yankees is
great, but it was in Boston. It is always tough to play the Yanks, but
winning in NY will be tougher.
Dandeeno, Josh, Brad and I should end up at the Rockies game today...
it's a 1:05pm start. Colorado hosts the Dodgers. The game we attended
last thursday resulted in a 10-5 Rockies win. Hopefully we'll have
another victory and exciting game.
Here's to springtime... NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, Baseball opens and
football is on its way!


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