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February 27, 2002

Canadian Holy Ground... Yes, it

Canadian Holy Ground... Yes, it is in fact, the Official Hockey Hall of Fame. And, as a matter of fact, I was there. I have photos. It was closed. Still, the fact remains... I laid eyes on official HHOF merchandise (poorly lit through glass windows) and external signage. Josh and Stacey will have to grant me just a teense more respect I think... maybe. Here is a virtual 3d Stanley Cup.

Seems some Canadians like this "Tim Horton's"
place... sort of a Canadian "Starbucks" I suppose... It was pretty
good, but I guess I'm not really a coffee or donut expert so... can't
really gush about it. Maybe I'll try it again tomorrow...
Don't take this the wrong way, but ladies out here are big. Or bigger.
Okay, taller. Is that better? Seriously... I'm like five nine, five ten
in shoes maybe, but most women I've met or seen around here are at
least my height. Just a weird observation.
Went to the BCE Centre which is where the HHOF is... ate at a
restaurant called Marchante that is pretty cool concept... it's like a
Marketplace... after you gain admittance, you are issued a ticket that
you carry around to different stations where different foods are being
prepared. There a sushi station expertly preparing sushi... antipasti
with fresh made pasta, made right on the spot! Steaks, roasted
chickens, quail, etc... plenty of seafood, breads, and deserts (oh, and
in the Canadian tradition, many beers at the popular beer station). You
simply get whatever you want at the various stations and they stamp
your ticket relative to what you received.
Unfortunately at the end the stamps are added up and you pay for it
all, but it was very very good. Good job Canada!
That's it for now... -- Tom


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February 26, 2002

Canada Update eh... So...

Canada Update eh...

here in the Great White North... so to speak. Mostly it was grey...
though actually saw blue skies and weather is a balmy 7.22222 (for
those of you residing withing US borders, that's about 45 degrees
Am staying downtown in Toronto. After taking care of some business, I
wandered down to "Eatons", which is either the entire largest mall in
Toronto, or the anchor store to the largest mall in Toronto. Guess
what? There is a ROOTS store with all that crazy Canadian olympic gear
you've seen anywhere and everywhere... not tempted yet...
Quick poll - Most Popular Coat Color for Torontonians: Black.
Also, I have no idea how populous this city is, but *damn* there are a
lot of people here.
Funny Money. Loonies and Toonies. Ask Josh Galloway... not me.

Oh, and I'm watching "curling" right now... and it's NOT the Olympics. Yes. Canada. No that's not a joke, and y'know, I think I like curling.

That's it for now, more Canadian info soon though, so stay tuned...

-- Tom

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February 25, 2002

Canada Celebrates Hockey Gold Okay,

Canada Celebrates Hockey Gold

Okay, seriously I have not read any stories breaking down the game,
so I will attempt to give my unadulterated analysis of Canada's Olympic
victory today over the USA. As far as the game goes, this was a good
match up. Both teams are extremely talented and strong. This seemed to
come down to how they played this particular day. Canada definitely was
passing more accurately during the first period. Both teams seemed to
play even during the first 20 minutes -- I'd go so far as to guess that
shots on goal / shot opportunities were pretty even. USA struck first
with a breakaway goal to lead 1-0 after one.
The second period might have been the most exciting period of hockey I've ever seen.
Amazing. Though it was during this period that Canada asserted
themselves and took the lead for good. The Canadians (is that right? Do
I need any funny accents on that?) definitely applied the pressure and
just out hustled the Americans. It was so frustrating watching the USA
team try to simply dump it into the Canadian zone and chase it with two
guys or less. I'd guess on average Canada cleared these pucks from
their zone in 5 seconds or less.
When the Canadians were in their offensive zone, it seemed like they had 22 players on the ice,
I swear. Anytime USA defensively knocked the puck loose around the
boards, it seemed like at least two other Canadians jumped to it and
beat Americans there. Sure, USA must have been very tired from playing
in the defensive zone so much, but this momentum was difficult to
watch... and I'm sure even more difficult to battle as a player. After
2 periods, Canada takes the lead 3-2.
The Americans used the short break between periods as their momentum
shift, coming out in the 3rd period attacking. Despite increasing their
shots on goal and opportunities, Canada's defense still played nearly
flawlessly and continued to clear the puck well. Usually in Hockey and
other sports, when you are playing well, things go your way... or maybe
you just notice it more, but Canada did seems to always have a man in
the rights spot, or get a puck in the right area.
Final score: 5-2. A bit misleading as they did add two goals in this
final period, though USA was attacking during the majority of it. A Joe
Sakic breakaway salted it away with about 18 minutes gone. Canada
played really well. They had the story - 50 years *to the day* since
their last Hockey gold. This is a country that claims Hockey
supremacy... so while an Olympic gold medal was an important dream to
all players on all teams... the Canadians seem to have more attached. Gretzky, eh... sort of turned whiner
earlier during the Olympics. I guess he won't be so frustrated anymore,
and winning probably cements in his mind that he's that much more right
about everything he vocalized. In some ways I respect him for what he
said... in others a little luster came off... the great "quiet" one,
who used to say it all with the stick and puck. Now in retirement, we learn he's got a mouth. Well, here is someone else's take on the meaning of victory for Canada.

later -- tom


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February 17, 2002

ESPN.com - Sale, Pelletier

ESPN.com - Sale, Pelletier share gold with Russian pair

Just because this has been *so* overdone... I thought I'd offer some relief to folks... here at tombartel.com's "the blog" we have absolutely no comment on the situation. Let's all move on shall we?

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February 8, 2002

Teddy's Patriotism We just finished

Teddy's Patriotism
We just finished watching the opening ceremonies for the 2002 Winter
Olympics in Salt Lake City a short while ago. A lengthy ritual, there
were many allusions and direct representations of patriotism and
American spirit in the various dances and performances.
It is still very easy to get emotional about the events on 9-11 -- and
many are still stirred into a nearly frenetc tirade of anger and
infuriation over the losses. After watching the ceremony, I recall the December 3, 2001 issue of Newsweek,
which profiled widow Lisa Beamer, who's husband Todd heroically
perished on Flight 93 - the flight theoretically bound for a Washington
D.C. landmark and that ultimately crashed in a Pennsylvannia field.
that issue, Teddy Roosevelt was quoted and I tore it out and have held
it since. After watching tonights ceremonies, the words not only speak
to the true patriotism shown by those who gave their lives at 9-11, but
they ring true for those who carry on -- and those who now compete,
from all nations of the world, as Olympic athletes... "The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena ...
who strives valiantly, who knows the great enthusiasm, the great
devotions, and spends himself in worthy causes. Who, at best, knows the
triumph of high achievement and who, at worst, if he fails, fails while
daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and
timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

It's okay to dream. It's okay to try, and yes -- as someone else once
said, "You miss 100% of the shots you never take" (whom that someone
is, I don't know, but it wasn't me!). That said -- go ahead, dare
yourself to be successful... and make sure you don't regret not having

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