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January 31, 2002

Conduct Expected : For the

Conduct Expected : For the 21st Century

During my college years, a professor I respect tremendously recommended this book by William Lareau - Conduct Expected.
I can't seem to find it now, otherwise I would quote from it...
basically he outlines the "hard rules" of business in the real world.
It's times like these, when over 12 months time your company reduces
force 4 times, that you realize many of these rules are true.
If I remeber right, one rule was - "In the big picture, you really
don't matter" -- talk about reality check... we are driven by
leadership to make a difference, work late, go the extra mile, make a
difference for customers, then we forget about this rule.
It looks like Mr. Lareau updated his rules for the 21st Century... I
think I'll check it out. I'll post the original rules on this blog

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January 24, 2002

Avoidance and sundry things... Well,

Avoidance and sundry things...

Well, my word for the day will be avoidance,
because for those who know me, there are some other obvious things I
could be blogging, relative to MessageMedia's retirement. Instead I'll pick on fellow blogger ldonovan whose blog today was Seinfeldian
in nature. The unique words just flow from the blog of eldi, and I'm
duly impressed. To the point that I had to reference the online
dictionary for "sundry". Cleft palate reference to "Sunday" perhaps?
No, instead we get this:

ADJECTIVE: Various; miscellaneous: a purse containing keys, wallet, and sundry items.
ETYMOLOGY: Middle English sundri, from Old English syndrig, separate.

So, with that, we learn that "sundry" is a fancy way of saying "various". And eldi amazingly described her day as having done "more various and sundry uninteresting things. -- or translated: "more various and various uninteresting things." -- now that is alot of uninteresting things. Let's see what happens next -- check out eldi blog

eldi -- it's just not the same around Superior without you... thank God for blogger. :)

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January 18, 2002

formermm.com Well, it's no secret...

Well, it's no secret... now that DCLK has purchased MessageMedia and
the deal is consumated... there will be layoffs, likely next week.
MessageMedia's loyal staff will have at the end of next week been
through four Reduction In Force (RIF) in about 12 months.
That being said, Tim Thiessen
is starting www.formmermm.com as a community for ex-employees to stay
in touch and more (I'm hoping to contribute as might others). Look for
it soon!

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January 17, 2002

bisque1 Yes, this came up


this came up the other day at lunch with co-workers... as there was a
"tomato bisque" available amongst the soups of the day... hence the
almost mandatory "Seinfeldish"
like discussion concerning the definition and origin of the word
Most importantly, what exactly should one expect from a bisque? As
opposed to soup, or stew? We, as we quickly learned, were a collective
group of culinary clueless...
Additionally we learned that we need more interesting lives... and
though you suspect you have a more interesting life than we... see if
you can resist clicking here.

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