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September 18, 2001

BabyCenter - Your complete resource

BabyCenter - Your complete resource for pregnancy and baby information
Well, the cat's out of the bag now! We are pregnant! - Check that, Joie
is pregnant... there are so many angles on this news, but it's been 13
weeks, so that's expected. I'll cover some of these angles later, for
now, I just wanted to get the fantastic news out there. Um, so for
something, here is the quick note I sent some close friends:
We're pregnant! No not you and me, and not me, but actually Joie.
So we're gonna have another baby and be officially outnumbered! :) Joie
is doing great and is just closing out the first trimester, so we
wanted to share the news. Hey, a guy can't just sit around dinkin with
web sites all the damn time! So now you know why I've looked extra
tired at times over the past 13 or so weeks.. . I've been doing my best
to help out a lot more at home with AJ and Max. Small potatoes compared
with what Joie's gonna do! ;) Also, she's been mentioning the word
'snip' alot -- not sure what that means but it doesn't sound good.
Anyway, so that's it. See most of you tomorrow.

As I said, more bloggin on this phenominal news later -- Tom

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September 14, 2001

what? Magnolia (1999) Well, nothing

Magnolia (1999)

Well, nothing for a while and now nearly twice in one day... I just finished watching "Magnolia" - written and produced by Paul Thomas Anderson
-- starring Tom Cruise, Julianne Moore, William H. Macy (Fargo fame),
Jason Robards, among others...
I have to say... long, but very impressive. The movie carries some
strange production values, but not in a bad way... I enjoyed the
multiple plot threads and the intertwined method of keeping them all
going... If you get the chance, rent it. I give it 5 stars (of 5) --

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Fighting back: Ten things you

Fighting back: Ten things you can do right nowIn
light of what has occurred on September 11, 2001 and since, here are
some rational suggestions for how to "act" and "behave" in the
aftermath... why? Well, for many generations after the "baby-boomers"
this is the most serious threat to freedom ever experienced. Even for
those "pre-babyboomers" the attack on the WTC has been described as
equivalent, to slightly or substantially worse than Pearl Harbor --
even by those who've now lived through both events... so, for
Generations, X, Y, and Z... a lot of issues need to be dealt with.
One feeling is simply, what now? How do I act? What do we do? Are we at
War? Should I get my money out of the bank? I heard gas prices are
going to triple... etc... So, this MSNBC article
is a good list of ten suggestions. It's not an amazing patriotic piece
of prose, just a simple, measured, clear list of suggestions for what
to do next. It's not going to heal psychological wounds, from just
witnessing and watching the events of this week, or certainly from
knowing folks related to or taken by this tragedy, but it will help a
bit on how to still participate in society moving forward. -- Tom

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September 5, 2001

Mile High Field at Invesco

Mile High Field at Invesco Stadium Mile High, whatever...

Well, September 1st was the big game... the CSU/CU intrastate rivalry game.

Well, CU sort of refuses to admit it's a rivalry... mostly because the
all-time record is way in their favor (53-17-2) and CSU's only won 3
times since 1986 (there was a small gap in the rivalry which resumed in the late 90's). It's a rivalry because it's over a century old, it
(now) happens annually, and neither team can stand losing to the other.

Bottom line is -- state bragging rights are on the line. So,
unfortunately for the Rammies, College Football is very cyclical. We
graduated a very successful senior QB and start fresh with two
inexperienced sophomores. Well, you can read the lead story at RamNation.com
if you want the recap.

Put it this way, it wasn't pretty. Any hoo... last year we won with similar issues on CU's side contributing.

I am a CU fan. CSU fan first, they are my alum. CU fan after that...
but some CU fans are single minded. They want to brush of CSU as a
rival, but claim they are a rival to Nebraska. CU has beaten Nebraska
twice (1989-90) and tied (1991) and that's it -- since 1967!!! They
want to dismiss CSU by virtue of record, but claim Nebraska on that
merit?! Pshaw! See what I mean?

Mile High is a very cool stadium. I have many more pics and will post a gallery in Bartelevision soon.

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