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August 27, 2001

CU loses to Fresno

CU loses to Fresno

Thanks to Darren, I got to attend the game. Only downer was the Buffs
lost. As a die-hard, green and gold bleedin' CSU graduate, I want to
stomp the Buffs anytime we play 'em... but, having lived in Colorado
for over 21 years and growing up outside of Boulder, I want the Buffs
to win.

Perfect scenario would've been Fresno playing well (which they
did) and showing us all CU's weaknesses (which they did) and then CU
coming back and winning at the end (which they didn't). Still, it was
good to get the College Football season underway.

Saturday, AJ went horseback riding with Grandma and Grandpa... *all by
himself* (we're not over-protective are we?) ;) Seriously, he was so
excited... he got his red and black cowboy boots on, jeans, t-shirt,
black cowboy hat (sounds good so far eh?) and Blues Clues

Also, he informed Joie that he needed his pocket knife, which in his case is from his Playdoh set and is about the size of a large cellular phone. Once that was clipped on his belt, he was ready to roll.

Joie, Max and I went to church and then out to breakfast. The
spooky part of things for me, was that when we set down to eat at BC's
cafe, and it was just the three of us (even driving around) it was
really lonely without AJ -- I haven't realized how much of a complete
family we've become, the four of us, until Saturday.

Poor Max was just lost... "AJ, AJ" he would excitedly speak every so often, as if he'd just materialize there with us. Of course once we got AJ back he told us all about everything - probably didn't stop his motor mouth the whole time he was there.

They checked fence and cattle on Ken's property and jumped over some ditches (maybe 2 foot across, 1 foot deep) -- went through some creeks (1 foot deep).

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August 19, 2001


Tomhoo! - RamSpam

pretty busy weekend... spent alot of time online preparing my
Pre-Season and Pre-Game RamSpam's for the upcoming season.

One of the best places for CSU Rams information and insight

An interesting photo done for a brief discussion thread you can see at

Friday night we were at the Green's for Rachel's second birthday...

Saturday was library day with the fellas and lunch at Gramma and
Grampa's. Today was muck with the sprinkler day, errands to Home Depot
day, and mow the lawn day.

Any sprinkler system experts with spare time and can take payment in
beer is invited to contact me immediately -- Seriously, that email address will work... so if you are he/she, please click.

All for now, I'm pooped. -- later, Tom

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August 15, 2001

Da Boyz Today

Da Boyz

Today Joie had a doc appointment, so I left work around 11:30 and took
the fellas to Gymboree in Boulder ( a play group they've attended for a while, it's pretty cool, but I'm typically the only "dad" there).

After that, I worked from home.

After dinner I was hanging with the fellas in the backyard... the
weather was great, like 75 degrees, the sun was approaching the
mountain horizon, and I was just really pleased.

AJ was playing with me, he had a strip of fabric, about 2 feet worth,
and it was his "bandaid" and he was applying it to various hurt places, my wrists, head, ear, ankle, etc... really he was playing very
creatively and learning "knots" at the same time.

What struck me though is that the whole time this 41 month old child is just chattering away all sorts of instructions, insights, thoughts etc... and I just thought, this is the best. Max would rimble by every 30 seconds and jump on me, toss in a word or two, and be on his way again. Then I thought... I am so lucky -- and rich - not in financial terms though.

So, I thought I'd share this composite photo I made for Joie for Mother's day this year.

Digitally edited and created from two separate snapshots, I had it printed as an 8x10 at Shutterfly.

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August 13, 2001

RamSpam - Volume 2, Issue 5

RamSpam - Volume 2, Issue 5

Well, it's been a busy week or so... I *finally* got another RamSpam
out of my system... the last issue was early May, so it was long

Took the boys to the county fair again, last Thursday, with Joie and
the inlaws... AJ let me take him on the "roller coaster"... it's for
kids... it's a real coaster, but it's pretty small... he loved it... I
figured Max would be the adrenaline junkie of the two, but I've got a
feeling we'll have two of them on our hands...

Ran 4+ miles on Saturday, about 40 minutes round trip... running
outside really stresses my muscles and joints alot more than the
treadmill, but it sure is more interesting, and despite not having a
"computer" it is more motivating relative to "making progress" and
"getting somewhere"... although as far as you run... you have to run
that far back as soon as you turn! :)

The whole WGD gang at work had today off, but it ended up being no
biggie... did a basic HTML typesetting job for Countrywide and Josh
wrote the American Red Cross thing for me (thanks man!)...
Oh well, I'm out -- later, Tom

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August 5, 2001

City of Longmont, Colorado

City of Longmont, CO; Twin Peaks Golf Course

Played golf this morning with some guys from work... Jim Fraser, Bob 'rabrams' Abrams, and Scott Billiter. Played at Twin Peaks which is literally down the street from me on Cornell Drive. Hadn't played there since I was in High School. The trees are much bigger now, and come into play more. It's pretty.

Jim and Scott played well, Bob claimed to be a poor player, but shot 50 on the back nine, 16 strokes better than the 66 on the front! I shot 62 and 52 - ouch I know, but it actually felt better than the numbers added up. 10 strokes off the front nine was pretty good!

The rest of the day I did household maintenance, played with the boys, cooked out and ran treadmill... trying to gear up to do a RamSpam
and finish Pottery Caffe site. -- later.

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August 4, 2001

Boulder County Fair & Rodeo

Boulder County Fair & Rodeo

Well, we went to the county fair today... we go every year, and will go back next week for the "tractor parade" (AJ'll love it), but today we went to see Lisa in the Sheep dog trials... Lots of folks from MM went, all the FG's (Scott Green, Cindy, Emily and Rachel), Jenny Lynn, D to the MC Keen, Tim and his posse... etc...

Here is proof... in case you were interested... Also, Tim took that picture with his new Pen cam, I'm sure his blogger will tell you all about it.

Here is a classic shot of some Sheep Poop.
Anyhow, Lisa and Plaide did well -- Ken apparently gave her some issues that she'll deal with "offline" (there's probably some sheep herder equivalent to that geek term).

Walked around after that with the Green's and JL for a while. AJ met a
girl, about 6 years old or so, and helped clean her calf. It's name was Beauty. He had fun. We all did. -- later.

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August 3, 2001

Greg, Bernard, and me

Greg, Bernard, and me

Scott was over tonight with the girls and we got to talking about Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France victory - Armstrong's third straight... basically there is only one other American who has won the tour at all, I believe, and that is Greg Lemond, who won two in a row and three total.

There is Jacques Anquetil, Eddie Mercykx, Miguel Indurain, and Bernard Hinault, very different eras but they won 5 each. I remembered an old cycling hat I had, from when I was about 15 and we rode touring cycles alot... there was a popular race called the Coors Classic and we ran into a bunch of famous riders at a bike store in Boulder.

I checked my hat tonight and among the doze or more signatures is that of Greg Lemond and Bernard Hinault. Cool! This was in 1985, so Greg had not yet won any Tour's and Bernard actually won his 5th and final one that year. It looks like I actually got Bernard's sig twice... I'm sure I didn't have a clue who he was and asked him twice... duh... anyway, I guess I'll just hold onto that hat! If I get my scanner running I'll scan it and post it. -- later.

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August 2, 2001

Asimba: Because Endorphins Feel Good

Asimba: Because Endorphins Feel Good

Well, I ran 5 miles on the treadmill again... 50 minutes worth. I've made good progress since January. Back then I started at 30 minutes for 2 or 2.5 miles. Slowly I've ratched things up and now I'm approaching my 10k goal... basically I considered running the Bolder Boulder this year, but my training regime didn't get me far enough along to feel comfortable with it... within a few months I hope to be running two "Bolder Boulder's" a week on the tread mill (6.2 miles or so). Then next year I should have it nailed.

Anyway, Asimba
is a cool site for tracking workout information. There are many fitness related tools and lots of good info (such as the differences between running outdoors and on treadmills). The down side is it's a slow site (probably IIS with ASP dynamic pages). I hate updating the workout calendar, each transaction is SLOW. Oh well, check it out! -- later.

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Artwork FaceTheJury

Artwork FaceTheJury

Found this site last week... the regular site is like Rate your Face or whatever... no chance I'm doing *that* heh...

Anyway, the Artwork site lets you upload photos, sketches, paintings, sculptures, etc and other folks collectively rate your work... After a few weeks I'd say I'm not totally happy with the ratings... not that I expect to get 10's but the stuff I think is bad rates better, and the stuff I think is good rates worse... well, we'll see how it goes. --


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August 1, 2001

Got Blogger?Welcome to Tomhoo! Blog

Got Blogger?

Welcome to Tomhoo!

Blog and the inaugural blog posting... boy sure wish there was spell check with this blogger interface... it's pretty trick already, but "inaugural" was tough to spit out there and not sure if I got it right... okay, enough with the first Blog entry... later.

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